Members Reject Miserly Offer at Mt Isa City Council

The Services Union is always by your side when it comes to negotiating wages and conditions at Mount Isa City Council. We understand that members need good advocacy at the bargaining table, especially during uncertain times.

That’s why we’re pleased to report that at last week’s Certified Agreement (CA) meeting, our Union unequivocally rejected the Council’s miserly offer of 2.5% up front followed by 2.75% in subsequent years. We put it clearly to the Council that such an underwhelming offer wasn’t going to cut it, given members are currently dealing with a Council rates hike, a CPI increase of 6.1% nationally, and climbing interest rates.

Our Union conveyed to the Council your priorities for the new Certified Agreement, in terms of pay and improvements to conditions like paid parental leave.

We also rejected the Council’s idea that bargaining should consist of a line-by-line analysis of the Council’s draft agreement and emphasised that we should be negotiating YOUR claims.

Finally, we got the Council to agree that two-hour meetings simply are not enough to get anything constructive done. We requested that the next meeting be two full days.

What should I do?

We’ve grown significantly since we started bargaining, and we need to keep growing. If every member gets one non-member to join, our capacity to leverage a better outcome increases dramatically.

So, why not speak to one non-member and tell them that now is the time to join our campaign for a decent wage rise? Help them complete the attached form  and give it to your Workplace Delegate Sandra Govender, or scan/email to Jim Oliver [email protected]. Alternatively, remind your workmates who have not yet joined us -  that joining is quick, easy and confidential online.  

Above: Members at Mt Isa reject the  the miserly offer put to them by their employer.