Multicultural Australia – Are we bargaining?

What do you think about bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement this year? At Multicultural Australia, our 2016 Agreements expires this month and as your Union representatives, we want to know what you would like discussed this year.

From our last Union meeting, Union members discussed the importance of having input to our expiring Enterprise Agreement. Union members had many conversations about important matters all throughout Multicultural Australia and what we should be doing regarding bargaining for a new Agreement this year.

We still need to know more! As your Union representatives, we would like to put forward to management our collective perspectives on bargaining this year. To assist us we need to know what you think.

Please watch this short message from one of our Union Delegates about Bargaining this year. To watch the video, click here.

We also have a quick Survey to capture your views about bargaining this year, the Survey will run from Tuesday 8 March until Friday 18 March. To fill out the Survey please click here.

Multicultural Australia
Above: MDA members have had many conversations about important matters relating to their new EBA.