Livingstone Shire Council – We’re Certified!

Members of The Services Union at Livingstone Shire Council have delivered pay increases and other improvements through your new Certified Agreement (CA).

Last Friday we registered the CA with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and it’s a great result!

The following pay improvements will apply:
- Year 1 – 2.5% (will now be back-paid to 5 November 2021 following Certification)
- Year 2 – 2.5% from November 2022
- Years 3 & 4 – 2.5% or CPI, whichever is greater

This is a much better outcome than Council’s original offer, thanks to the efforts of you and your fellow members of our Union. We were able to significantly improve the Council’s first offer which was only 1.5%, 1.6%, 1.7% with no CPI safety net.

The Services Union’s involvement means that every employee is now several thousand dollars better off over the four years.

Together, we were also able to achieve the following improvements:
1. A four-year agreement commencing (backdated) to 5 November 2021.
2. Wage increases of 2.5% (Year 1), 2.5% (Year 2), the greater of 2.5% or CPI (Year 3) and the greater of 2.5% or CPI (Year 4).
3. A one-off $500 financial advice subsidy for employees aged 55+ years.
4. Annual leave taken in minimum blocks of one hour (down from one day).
5. Pro-rata long service leave after five years (down from seven years).
6. Pay out of unused sick/carer’s leave for eligible staff on cessation of employment (capped at $6,500/employee).
7. Domestic and family violence leave increased from 10 to 20 days per year.
8. Changes to required steps in cases of Redundancy

There Is Still More To Do
You’ve continued to deliver vital community services during unprecedented disruptions and The Services Union has been by your side to ensure your new CA recognises this.

Now that we’ve certified your new Agreement, we can start work on implementing its improvements. We get the best results with a strong Union so encourage your colleagues to join.

It’s quick, easy and confidential at:

Above: Workplace Delegate at Livingstone Shire Council and VP for Local Authorities, David McDowell casts his vote.