Big Win – Better use of contractors at GPC! 

The Services Union has had a major win for members at Gladstone Port Corporation (GPC) by securing secure new positions in the organisation!  

We have also been able to settle a dispute which recognises existing employees with career progression! This has resulted in realistic workforce plans for affected teams and a likely reduction in contractor spend! 

Sometimes employers need help to move from the easy way (‘let’s just grab a contractor’) to the right way (‘recruit a permanent employee’), so this realisation from GPC is most welcome! 

We also look forward to seeing through the additional commitments made by GPC resulting from this dispute, which includes: 
- Developing a Single Point Lesson for Leaders which is a good start to raise awareness 
- Undertaking an annual review of contractor works in July 2022 
- Commitment to development opportunities for employees 
- Commitment to ensure employee consultation is undertaken in an open and transparent manner 

The win is a credit to the tenacity of our Workplace Delegates at GPC! 
Gladstone Port
Above: Members at Gladstone Port Corporation (GPC) have had a major win by securing secure new positions in the organisation!