July 2022 - The Albanese Labor Government has introduced the Fair Work Amendment (Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Bill 2022 as one of their first acts. 

Members and Delegates of the Australian Services Union (ASU) across the country started and led the campaign for paid Domestic and Family Violence Leave (DVFL).

ASU members have campaigned to ensure paid family and domestic violence leave is a universal entitlement and allows a person the time, support and job security they need to escape and recover from an abusive relationship. This Bill includes casual workers.

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Now, we are at a critical moment.

Passing this legislation in the Senate will ensure all workers covered by the National Employment Standards including casual, part-time and permanent workers will be able access this critical support if they need it.

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It takes time and money to leave. Moving to find a new, safe place for yourself and your family costs is estimated to cost up to $20,000 and take more than 140 hours – but Federal laws currently only provide for five days of unpaid leave.  

Be part of history and add your name here to ensure all workers have access to 10 days of paid family and domestic violence leave.

Thank you to all our Workplace Delegates and members working in frontline Domestic and Family Violence services, and who have been at the frontline of this campaign. It has taken over a decade to get to this moment.

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