Unions For YES

As unionists, we believe that all workers and all people deserve to be consulted about changes in the workplace and in society that affect us - and that by speaking up collectively we can make change that benefits us all.

But right now, the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are not heard in our parliament. Too often, politicians make policies that are not sensitive to the lived experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and do not work as intended - because the people impacted by those policies aren't adequately consulted.

As unionists, The Services Union is proud to stand in solidarity with  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in calling for this change.

Our Union is run for members, by members. In November 2022, our member elected National Conference comprised of elected Delegates from all around Australia, unanimously carried a resolution in support of the Uluru Statement From The Heart and amending the Constitution for the Voice.

Reconciliation is core union business not just for our Union, but the entire union movement. We support the #Unions4Yes Campaign and the #Yes23 Campaign.

As union members we have a voice at the table which gives us an opportunity to have a say on policies and issues which affect us at work. We believe, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples should have a right to a voice on issues which affect them. It’s that simple. 

Please find all the events via the YES23 Campaign page here: https://action.yes23.com.au/events

Listen to ACTU Indigenous Officer Lara Watson regarding The Voice Referendum.

Pledge to vote "Yes" for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament

This year, we have the chance to make history by voting Yes in the upcoming referendum. Will you add your support here?

After over 65,000 years of continuous culture, it’s time Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are recognised in our 122-year-old Constitution.

The important thing to know is that the Australian Constitution cannot be changed by politicians, it can only be changed by the Australian people.

This is an opportunity for all of us to join together and build a stronger, fairer nation by voting Yes at the referendum.

Pledge your support

As unionists we know the importance of being listened to – and that when we listen to those impacted by our decisions, we get better results. This is true in work and life, and it’s why this referendum is Union business. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people want recognition in a practical form by having a say on issues and policies that impact their lives.

Across the country ASU members are adding their support and commitment to voting Yes in this year’s referendum. We want you to be a part of it.
Sign up to the campaign and pledge to vote YES by clicking on this link



I am a proud member and Workplace Delegate for The Services Union - the largest union for Local Government employees."
Scott - ASU Member - Local Govt.   

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